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Melenio Pastry Santorini

Melenio is a workshop run by a group of friends. That is why you will taste the most freshest creations.

Our business, Melenio Pastry is one of the oldest in Oia. It was in the distant 1999 that S. Dimitroulis and K. Baloglou decided to cooperate in a common vision, which was a Cafe-Confectionery, that would leave its mark in the traditional village of Oia in Santorini. Indeed, during these years, the patisserie became known to tourists and locals for its quality sweets. Our flagship, millefeuille, attracts people from all over the island, our mascarpone-chocolate cake, recently also our orange pie which became sought after, but also a bunch of other equally interesting suggestions. Our baklava has received recognition and congratulations from international magazines. However, special mention should be made of prickly pear jam, a product that is produced in quantities by the land of Santorini and therefore utilized properly in the laboratory of Melenio is now sold in jars of 80 gr in the Oia store. Melenio, however, has expanded its menu and we also serve salads, tortillas, snacks, multi-choice coffees, wines with a label of Santorini’s production and of course ice cream of our own production. The owners of the patisserie hope for a continuous course, committed to the quality and hospitality that befits a recognizable store in Santorini.

Melenio Pastry
Melenio Pastry
Melenio Pastry


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